The RAWRMY Newsletter #2 (Gamers Could Run The World)


Hello And Welcome.

Since the last update there has been quite a few noteworthy occurrences. The RAWRMY is slowly growing and attracting exactly the kind of people I had intended. So thank you to everyone for your continued support. I’m glad to see this community taking the shape of something admirable. Introductions out of the way let’s get into the news!


Redblazer696 – One of the most active, genuine, and supportive members of The RAWRMY from the very beginning. Recently made a generous donation of $10. @Redblazer696
SwiftRegicide – Open minded, military personnel, and lifelong friend. Made the first donation to The RAWRMY in the amount of $10. @SwiftRegicide
Shogi_Master – If I could only use a single character to describe Shogi it would be “?”. More than a regular, Shogi functions as a gatekeeper of sorts. If you can get past the inciting personality at the gate, you can officially consider yourself a member of The RAWRMY. @Shogi_Master

Obviously there are plenty more people who’ve been helping us to grow. A short list could include: @Qindo, Leos_McCloud, @Hunterman1051, @FoilSanju, @MDSebach




I often get the question “How is Delirious doing?” or “How are things with the girlfriend?” so with her permission I figured I would give you guys a quick idea of what she’s been doing:

After one year of being in the Adult industry Del met back up with her first and favorite handler @Philos314 for an anniversary shoot on titled “Fetish Pup“. The idea is that a “fetish girl” comes to the farm feeling like a seasoned veteran but quickly finds herself being pushed far beyond what she’s used to. Getting a true sense for the things that, up until then, she’d only been playing at. The best part is it being a departure from the typical girl look on makeup and wardrobe. It’s replaced with a much more edgy, goth style that isn’t seen much in other video content.


In addition to that Del has also filmed with @FetishPros with a feature called “Delirious Straightjacket Struggle

If you’re interested in more of her work you find find it at:


The Mass Effect series has been one of my most prized gaming experiences for quite some time. So after I had gotten word that a friend was in the process of finishing Mass Effect 3 and sadly was completely misled by the ending content (like most of us were initially), I had to take some time to revisit the series.

I started by investing some time into the, now widely accept, introctrination theory. I found that there was an excellent set of youtube documentaries that break down the final moments and all relevant content nearly frame by frame. The series runs about 5+hrs broken down into three 1:45:00 sections. I highly recommend you take a look at them! I personally have spent about 40 hours watching and listening to them point by point. It was worth the time investment! Here is a link to the playlist: Mass Effect Documentaries

Getting past all that I decided to pick up and play Mass Effect 2 again. I had previously gotten 100% achievements on PS3 which allowed me to feel like my time with the game was over. Now I know how long that thought lasted. Originally my playthrough of “Insanity” mode was done with the Adept, and it was rather difficult. I wanted to try my hand at doing it again all this time later! Thus began my current content: “Mass Effect 2 All Classes All Insanity” I found this fantastic artwork while browsing the internet and it seemed to say what my words could not:


So many people, myself included, had a tough time with insanity mode. Even with classes that were beyond capable of doing the job. I intend to complete the task with any and all classes! The twist is that I also have set a rule of having all crew members survive the suicide mission. Which means going through dozens of difficult missions I might have otherwise gotten away with skipping.

I finished the adept class and had “Infiltrator” requested by @SwiftRegicide so that’s where we go next. Hope to see you there!

Mass Effect 2 Insanity All Classes
“Weekdays 5PM EST until Whenever the Diet Coke runs out.”


Seeing as though were doing Mass Effect content for  I went ahead and made an Overlay to fit!

Cerberus Themed Mass Effect Overlay – Fullscreen


I actually put a great deal of effort into making sure the HUD at the bottom matches well enough to the skills display of teammates. Additionally I cut out top left for player skills, Top middle for enemy health bars, and just beneath that for on screen subtitles. There are still a few optimizations that need to be made, but I’m very proud of the work I did here.

Just for fun, here is another generic overlay!

Mint Chocolate Chip Overlay – Fullscreen


This was actually a test to see how quickly I could make a generic based overlay. However after seeing the random color palette the name “Mint Chocolate Chip” popped into my head and I couldn’t help but offer it up for use!

I hope you enjoy!


“As I stated during my introduction, The RAWRMY is becoming exactly what I had wanted it to be. It’s attracting, intelligent, open minded, rational, dedicated people and excellent gamers. However it did make me stop and think: “What would be the result if we put as much drive for success into our everyday life as we do into gaming?”

Thinking about it, there has never been a time where I look at the tools available to me in a game and think “This is impossible, so I’ll just stop playing here.” Never once has that happened. Being a gamer you know that the tools to success are always there its just a matter of having the focus and dedication to find them. Doesn’t matter if it takes time, or a level of skill you don’t yet possess. The point is you will always find a way to make it work. Try applying that state of mind to your everyday life.

You would never log into a game day after day without forcing a certain level of progress from your time spent, so why accept that kind of result in life? If you couldn’t afford new equipment for your favorite character, you wouldn’t just give up would you? No you would either spend the time and effort it took to get what you needed. Or you would reach out to a friend, making a case for why it’s in their best interest to help you. Either way, you get the job done.

Yes we’ve all had those days, in games, and in life, where “fun” is the main goal. When all you want to do is drift, with no real destination. I consider that to be a worthwhile use of time. You need to give your mind a break every once in a while. Yet, even still you should always be thinking of the next step. What will improve your life, or theoretically  your “character”. Gamers complete tasks. We don’t coddle the weak, or accept difficulty as a restriction. We see a goal, and we reach it. It’s that simple. Don’t let that mentality end just because you put your controller down. Carry it with you everywhere you go, and into everything you do.

See The Goal.

Find Your Tools.

Complete The Task.

Repeat this as many times as it takes to see yourself on top. There are no group of people better equipped for solving difficult tasks than gamers. It’s what we do.”



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