10 Poisonous Plants We Know And Love


Cashew Tree

You’ll likely be surprised to hear that your favorite nut is actually part of the same family as Poison Ivy, Oak, and Sumac. The raw nuts are covered in Urushiol. The same toxin that causes the typical Poison Ivy outbreak we try so hard to avoid. Thankfully even the “raw” cashews purchased at at store are steamed open to neutralize the poison.


Castor Bean

This plant has beautiful dark red leaves that spread nicely across a wide area. You can almost always find them at a garden center. However the chemical “ricin” made from the caster bean is one of the most deadly toxins known.



Once again you might be horrified to hear that your common potato can cause some serious damage!Have you ever seen a green color appear in your potato after it’s been exposed to sun? That’s the build up of a poison called “solanine” which can cause coma or even death.



Phototoxin is a strange sort of poison that is triggered by exposure to sunlight. The rind of a lime has a photo-toxic oil that causes skin irritation but only after the oil transfers to skin and then gains exposure to sunlight! It’s a very strange sort of toxin found in other common plants as well. Best to eat limes at night I suppose?



Giant bushes of these plants are common in front yards, but be careful because the beautiful blossoms that are pretty from afar also contain the deadly poison cyanide also known as rat poison.



One of my favorite flowers! Discovering wild growing foxglove is almost like finding buried treasure. Despite that,all parts of the plant produce a toxin that causes skin irritation and delirium.


Morning Glory

Once again a beloved garden favorite for many home owners. The seeds of this plant also contain Lysergic acid which can cause an LSD like psychosis if eaten in large quantities.


Angel’s Trumpet

The effects of can cause a state not unlike a scene from a Japanese horror movie. The pupil of the eye can enlarge to take over the iris making the eyes appear black! Not only is that a scary thought, but it’s not the least painful thing you’re likly to experience as well.



Most people know this plant to be a wonderful way to treat a burn but it’s also extremely dangerous and could cause breathing and throat problems if ingested!


Bleeding Heart

It’s fairly common to see these plants in your neighborhood, however they are covered in an alkaloid similar to that of the poppy family. It can cause nausea, respiratory issues and convulsions. It’s best to keep the pets away, and handle the plants only while wearing gloves!


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