Ghost Pipe & Nature With Delirious Hunter

IMG_2854 IMG_2854


Those are actually flowers! Most people call them Ghost Pipe. They’re interesting because most often they’re confused with a mushroom or fungus due to the fact that they exhibit no green color or leaves like typical plants do.

Plants get their green color from the chlorophyll throughout their leaves. It’s used in photosynthesis, which is basically the human equivalent of eating. However in this case, the plant is actually parasitic. It feeds off of a fungus that grows in dead trees. This makes it very unique among plants. Not to mention the alien like appearance.


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The Ghost Pipe can also grow a sort of Salmon pink color throughout. Even more rarely they can become a deep red color.

We found those particular photos just a couple steps off the main hiking trail. Then we returned around a week later to find the plants starting to turn black and die. Their life cycle is very low considering their food source is not a constant. Once the fungus has been consumed, it’s time for the Ghost Pipe to join the broken branches and dead leaves that helped give it life.

IMG_0303 IMG_0298

Afterwards, Delirious and I made it to the top of the mountain just in time to see the sun set. Have you ever read a book, or played a game where the narrator simply states; “They walked to the top of the mountain.”? Well it’s only after actually doing just that, that you’re able to appreciate the weight of the statement.

It’s a beautiful view and becomes increasingly so, during a New England autumn. It’s also quite the adventure to climb during the winter. When the paths are erased, and replaced with a sloping sheet of ice that extends the full duration of the climb.

There is no civilization at the top of this mountain. The traditional sounds of everyday life are completely removed from your ears. The only things left to hear are your thoughts, your heart beating, and the cool winds that seem to be rewarding you for your completion of the journey. The clouds shift and give way to an endless possibility of shapes. Drifting casually in front of the sun almost like they’re appealing to a tender moment of privacy while the Earth changes it’s dressing from day to night.

These are the sights that even humble an egoist like myself. A clear demonstration that things of nature, just are what they’re intended to be. With all the numerous technologies, and wars that seem to never end, we as humans never reach that effortless balance of nature. The “natural order”, or so it’s called. These sights become moments that forever speak to the part of human beings that knows we’re just another piece in the perfect balance of Earth.

IMG_0302 IMG_0301 IMG_0297 IMG_0298


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