Wedding Vow

I thought a lot about what words could capture the things I wanted to say. About what promise I could make, and what combination of sentences could express my commitment. But if there’s anything I’ve learned recently it’s that words count for so little. No vow, no matter how beautiful or heart felt can ever really make the point I want to make. Because at the end of the day they’re still only words. A vow can’t stand here with you right now. A vow can’t build the house we’re standing in and a vow can’t create the life we’re living. A vow can’t share the weight of the struggles we face. And a vow can’t hold your hand until the struggles pass. Ultimately it all comes down to choices. Every day, and every moment, you have a choice to hide behind words, or put your entire self forward with no idea of the outcome. You have to wake up everyday willing to commit yourself to being what words can never be.

And with that, I vow to be more valuable than words. At every moment, during every day, at home or anywhere else. 



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