Doing Enough? Do More.

Good morning to The RAWRMY. It’s midway through the week and I hope you’re as motivated now as you were a few days ago.

Today I’m here to talk about a conversation that came up between a friend and I just the other day in regards to really putting the work into your life.

Now to give you a bit of backstory, this person and I have been friends for a good while. All things considered he is a fantastic person. The kind of person I could leave in a pool full of money and never think for a second he would help himself to a penny.

If he had one downfall it would be the same roadblock I see in so many people, and the true inspiration for writing this article. If I had to sum it up in a single sentence it would be this; Hes stuck in the past, comfortably reliving a time in his life that he’s proud of, with no desire to create those memories anew.

I see this sort of thinking in too many people and quite frankly it pisses me the hell off. There’s nothing wrong with being proud of the things you’ve accomplished but there is definitely something severely wrong when you use those memories as a defense against anyone, including yourself, who challenges you to continue making progress in your life.

There’s a quote that sums up that entire paragraph so simply and it’s this:

“I know you’ve done things you’re happy about, and you’re proud of. But I promise you, you’re capable of so much more.”

And this is only the tip of the iceberg in the topic I truly came here to talk about. This is the catalyst, the mindset, that causes the issues I want to discuss.

Now that you have the backstory we can get into the current events that produced the need for this monologue. It started with the gym. This friend and I were spending an afternoon lifting weights and discussing life. Basically the bro version of going to the salon.

Anyways as we got to talking and working out, it occurred to me that he had stated multiple times he didn’t want to “push himself” like he did “before”. Before meaning the previous time we went to the gym. Which by my recollection, never happened. We went to the gym before sure, but in no way on Earth did he push himself. There wasn’t a bead of sweat, no indication at all of being close to muscle fatigue. It was a completely false narrative he was telling himself.

He began rehashing his glory days, most stories were now over a decade old, and claiming to me that he knows what hard work is because he’d performed difficult tasks when he was 18 years old. This is what finally triggered a response in me. And here is what I told him;

Your obligations to yourself and the world you live in has only gotten bigger since your turning of age. It used to be okay for you to work a part time job, do your schoolwork, and consider the rest of the day free to perform whatever leisure tasks you wanted, but not anymore.

You’re stuck thinking that when you perform a single obligation to standard, you are then entitled to slack off and continue on as if you are once again only responsible for one or two obligations. But that’s not how adult life works.

  • You’ve gone to work today? Part time, full time, it doesn’t matter which, and now you think your day is over? Wrong. Now you have to physically take care of your body.
  • You’ve gone to work, and now you’ve gone to the gym, so your day must be over now right? Wrong. Now you’ve got to take care of the environment you live in.
  • So you’ve gone to work, exercised, cleaned your house, so finally the day is yours! Wrong again. Now you have to make sure you have proper fuel to sustain the cycle.
  • Now you’ve worked, hit the gym, cleaned your environment, eaten and prepped balanced meals but you still aren’t done.
  • You still need to consider balancing your budget, fostering personal relationships, taking care of hygiene, planning for the next day, and pushing for your future goals.

Now after all this is said and done you feel like you deserve a day off? A break, a rest, a reward of some kind? You deserve to broadcast the story of the days triumph to your friends and family? But you’re forgetting one thing. This is base minimum. This is what it means to be alive. Not drifting from one meaningless task to the next, hoping to someday wake up in your personal wonderland. But to embrace the difficulty and ritual of crawling towards that dream each and every day.

No days off. No breaks. People have this strange obsession with “days off”. With free time. And in almost every case they believe that because they simply manged to stay alive for another week, they somehow deserve a chance to relax. Well I’m here right now telling you that isn’t good enough.

When you fall asleep at your desk because you spent every free second you could physically stand writing that book you have been saying you want to write. When you can’t grip the steering wheel because your hands are shredded from weights, and when each step feels like torture because your muscles are repairing from last nights workout.

When your living space is so well maintained that it’s hard to believe it wasn’t fabricated for a movie set. When you can drive past a fast food place at 2:00 a.m. with a pocket full of money and feel zero inclination to spend.

When you are filled with so much knowledge and new experience that you are bursting at the seams to talk to anyone who will listen. And when you are so at peace with your progress that you can sit back and smile while you listen to the stories of friends, families and loved ones without needing to utter a single word.

Then, and only then, have you done enough to earn that day off you so desperately yearn for. The only issue now, is that when you have finally earned it, I can promise, you won’t even remember why you needed it.




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  1. That was super inspirational, and I can relate with that as well. I haven’t been working out recently and still don’t even work, and those are two things I’m trying to get better at. Started working out yesterday, applied for a job, trying to set up an internship, make time for my girlfriend, blog, hang out with friends/family and still have more shit to do.

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