Dark Souls Retrospective (Remembering Where It Began)

Today is March 27, 2017. Tomorrow marks the release of Dark Souls: The Ringed City DLC. The final installment of the nearly 7 year series (earlier if we include Demon’s Souls, which we should.) created by From Software under the expert guidance of game director Hidetaka Miyazaki.

I guess I’m quite a bit late in writing this article but it just really hit me that this is the end of an era for a lot of gamers like myself. Dark Souls has been the standard for almost a decade in terms of storytelling, replay ability, difficulty, design, and so much more. And now, the fires of Dark Souls are fading for the last time.

That being said I just wanted to take a moment and remember some of the greatest moments of this historic series.



One of the lords introduced during the opening cinematic.

Opening Cinematic – This deserves it’s own entry simply because it’s probably the clearest explanation the Souls world ever offers as to what exactly you’re getting yourself into regarding the story. We meet some truly unique characters and feel face first into the depth of history and lore before the games event started. Such a perfectly scripted scene builds the world so much you can’t wait to meet some of these characters.

On your first encounter with a Dark Souls Boss.

Asylum Demon – Let’s face it, this brutish monster was really the gatekeeper to the Souls world. Once you spent some time squaring off against this first tutorial boss it was pretty clear whether Dark Souls was, or was not for you. And I dare say he probably stopped more than a fair share of Undead from ever even making it to Lordran.

The final moments of our first friend.

Oscar – The first friendly face we see. The one who jump starts our quest. Without him we would be rotting away in the Asylum and we may have never kindled the first flame. But the most important thing Oscar does for us is provide us with his old family saying:

“Thou who art Undead, art chosen… In thine exodus from the Undead Asylum, maketh pilgrimage to the land of Ancient Lords… When thou ringeth the Bell of Awakening, the fate of the Undead thou shalt know…”

It’s a beautifully poetic way to begin the game, and after that we watch our new friend die. (Or go hollow)

Who knew what he was capable of when we first met…

Petrus – The cleric who first introduces us to one of the most prolific and interesting mechanics in the Souls world; Covenants! Basically our portal to PVP and Coop gameplay. Something the series did very well. Well enough to sustain an entire community who almost exclusively engage in the PVP aspect of the game.

The Leader of the cult of Sunbros #notacult

Solaire Of Astora – Let’s start this section by presenting a quote from the man himself;

“You really are fond of chatting with me, aren’t you? If I didn’t know better, I’d think you had feelings for me! Oh, no, dear me. Pretend you didn’t hear that! Hah hah hah!”

This clever piece of writing couldn’t be closer to the truth. They hit the nail on the head in expecting players to fall in love with this Warrior Of Sunlight. And we did. Even following the possible outcomes for him all throughout the game. Protecting him from himself, and allowing him to assist in the most important fights the game has to offer. Including the final showdown with the Lord Of Sunlight, Gwyn himself.


Unfortunately my time of writing for the day is running out and that leaves me with a ton of memories and content left to discuss! Despite tomorrow being the release date for The Ringed City, I won’t get my hands on it until the 29th. So If you’d like to hear more about some of our Dark Souls memories tomorrow, press that LIKE button, and SUBSCRIBE.

If enough people enjoy this nostalgic look back, I’ll pick it up again in the morning! Thank you as always.




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