Monday Motivation Pt. 4 (Resourcefulness Is The Ultimate Resource)

Good morning and welcome back to The RAWRMY. I hope you spent last week working to move the needle forward in some facet of your life, be it work, relationships, talents, or health.

For me last week was about the grind. My typical routine was shaken up. I had the need to spend more money than what I had planned for, my shoulder was dealing with some impingement issues, so I had to tone down the workouts, and I didn’t have an easy time getting myself to work in the morning due to transportation mishaps.

However, if there is one thing I pride myself on it’s calm, collected, resourcefulness. A quote from one of my greatest inspirations is this;

“Resourcefulness is the ultimate resource. Because with it, you can obtain any other resource in the world.”

And I really do feel that way. You can always use what you have in such a way that it makes the chance of acquiring additional resources that much easier. Combine resourcefulness with a positive attitude and you are basically unstoppable.

Let me illustrate for you what Resourcefulness is actually defined as.


My favorite word in that description is “difficulties”. Which basically sets each person up to be resourceful based on what they consider to be difficult. From the smallest task to the largest. If you consider it to be difficult you then give yourself the opportunity to be resourceful.

Second on my list of key words in that definition is “clever”. Or your ability to use intelligence as a tool for problem solving.

Effectively we are saying here that your ability to out think your problems is the key to progress. For instance i ran into a situation where I didn’t have my reliable vehicle to travel from home to work last week. However, being resourceful and positive I was able to use that as an opportunity to walk most of the way, then take an UBER the rest of the distance.

The walk itself was dual-purposed as well. Not only was it a means to get to work, but it also served as a warm up for my workouts prior to going into work. The focus here is to stay positive. I could have been upset that I had to wake up earlier, and waste time walking but instead I used it as a means to the same end. Saving money, enhancing my workouts and still ending up getting to work on time.

I hope this gave you a bit of perspective on how to deal with your problems. And always remember that you only have the ability to test your resourcefulness when you admit something as being difficult. So when issues come up, don’t think of them as a negative event, think of them as a limited time to train your ability to solve problems in a clever or resourceful way.

On that note I’ll leave you with this final thought:

The little things that you do every single day, that you choose to do, could be the little bit of better forms. All those little things, will adds up to be failure or success. You gotta create each one, every single day. – Greg Plitt


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